Cheviot Hills Criminal Defense


If you have been arrested in Cheviot Hills, CA, you should know a couple of things. 1. Don’t under any circumstances, speak to anyone about the facts of your case, this means friends, family, clergy and especially the police. This could be the difference between doing years in prison and walking away scott free. 2. You need an experienced Cheviot Hills criminal defense lawyer who knows their way around the local courts. At The Criminal Defense CA Firm, we take your rights very seriously. We focus on defending people who are accused of crimes and focus our attention on the Southern California area. We have been practicing law for over 20 years collectively and have an extremely impressive track record. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you a comletely free case evaluation. Call us at (818) 497-6897 NOW. We will take as much time with you as necessary to fully evaluate your legal situation.

CAN THE Criminal Defense CA Firm HANDLE MY CASE?

Yes. If you have been arrested in the United States we can represent you. We will go to any court, in any state including federal court. We routinely represent clients charged with anything from DUI,  simple drug possession and domestic violence cases, to complex white collar crimes, sex crimes including child molestation, rape and federal internet pornographycases, violent offenses including murder to name a few. Often, clients contact us after someone has threatened to call the police on them or after the police have contacted them, but before a case is actually filed. In these situations, we have been extremely successful in stopping a criminal case from ever being filed or in shaping the filing decision of the prosecutor in a way favorable to our client. We also represent clients who have already been convicted and are facing a violation of probation or in filing a writ or an appeal to a conviction.

WHY SHOULD I HIRE THE Criminal Defense CA Firm?

The bottom line is, you lawyer needs to be good, VERY good. The lawyer you hire is the single most important thing you can do to effect the outcome of your case. An effective lawyer takes many things into account, the charges, the facts of your particular case, the police investigation and the holes that can be poked in it, the judge, the prosecutor and their potential abilities, the potential jury pool, and the list goes on and on. We know these courts, these judges and prosecutors. We take all these things into account and more. We take our clients and their freedom extremely seriously and will do everything it takes to make sure you have a positive outcome. We are available right now to discuss your case with you. Call us at (818) 839-6867 NOW.


Arrests made in Cheviot Hills or the immdeiate surrounding area are handled in the Los Angeles Superior Court- Airport Branch located close to LAX. For more information on the Airport Court, including maps, directions, hours, parking, courtrooms, judges and phone numbers, CLICK HERE.

All felonies filed at the Airport Court are prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney

Misdemeanors at Airport are handled by different prosecuting agencies depending on the location of arrest.

For specific information and advice about your particular case, call (818) 839-6867. We will take the time to fully evaluate your case with you free of charge.


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