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Have you been arrested in Venice, CA? If so, there are a couple very important things you need to know. The first is that you need to keep your mouth shut. I know this sounds harsh, but it could be the difference between you serving time in custody, or walking away with no conviction. That means don’t talk to friends, family, clergy, doctors, and ESPECIALLY the POLICE about your case. If you need to talk to someone, call us, we will discuss the case with you in detail and all of our conversations are protected by the attorney-client privilege. The second thing you need to know is that you need an experienced, Venice criminal defense lawyer to guide you through this process. Hiring the right lawyer is the single most important thing you can do to ensure a positive outcome. We understand that this process is very stressful. We get it. We have been doing this a LONG time and have an extremely impressive record of success. Call us at (818) 839-6867 for a free case evaluation. We will let you know what is going on with your legal situation and suggest what your next steps should be.

IS THE Criminal Defense CA Firm A GOOD FIT FOR ME?

We are committed to your rights. Period. We have a process for defending our clients that we have developed over a number of years which ensures we have all bases covered. We will diligently and passionately defend you with everything we have. Our results speak for themselves. We have successfully defended thousands of clients in cases ranging from DUI’s to drug cases, sex crimes to white collar crimes, domestic violence matters to multiple count murder cases. We practice both in state court and in federal court and are fully equipped to handle your matter employing the latest technology to make sure your voice is heard in the most effective way possible. Many times, clients contact us before a case has actually been filed. In these situations our goal is to prevent any criminal filing through negotiation with any interested parties. We also represent many clients in a post-conviction posture getting cases expunged, and filing writs and appeals. Call us now at (818) 839-6867 for a more specific evaluation of your legal situation.


As Venice criminal defense lawyers, we know the criminal process in Venice well. All state level criminal cases are filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court Airport Branch located close to LAX. For a detailed description of this courthouse including location, directions, a courtroom directory, maps and phone numbers, CLICK HERE.

All felony matters filed in the Airport Court are prosecuted by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office which is the agency that handles all felony prosecutions in Los Angeles County.

Misdemeanor cases at the Airport Court are handled by several different prosecuting agencies depending on the location of arrest. If the arrest was in Venice, chances are it was an LAPD arrest and will be prosecuted by the Los Angeles City Attorney.

For a detailed description of the criminal process in California, see our page HERE.

If you would like more specific information on your case and the criminal process that will take place, call us now at (818) 839-6867. You will immediately be connected to an attorney who will be happy to discuss your situation with you.


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