West Los Angeles Criminal Defense


If you have been arrested in West Los Angeles, or “West LA,” the Criminal Defense CA Firm is here to assist you. It is important that you have a skilled West Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer in your corner as soon as possible. We have been practicing collectively for over 20 years and have a long history of successfully defending clients facing extremely serious charges and consequences. We understand that this is probably the most stressful, difficult time in your life. We are here to make sure that you recieve the ablsolute best defense that money can buy.

We handle all criminal matters both in state and federal court. We have successfully defended thousands of people facing charges ranging from simple drug possession cases, to DUI’s, sex crimes, white collar crimes, violent crimes including robbery cases and homicide cases. We put the focus on the client, making sure that they are well informed every step of the way. We are aggressive and know the local terrain. We will take the time to porperly evaluate your case for free. Call us NOW at (818) 839-6867. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

WHY SHOULD I HIRE THE Criminal Defense CA Firm?

Picking the right criminal defense lawyer is the single most important decision you must make throughout this process. You should not take this decision lightly. Do your research. We have been practicing criminal law for many years and know how to properly defend you.

Defending a criminal case can be an extremely complex endeavor.

  • We will seek to GET YOUR CASE DISMISSED early on in the process, (or in some cases stop the case from ever being filed)
  • We will develop a WORKING THEORY OF DEFENSE as soon as possible,
  • We will seek a FULL GRASP OF THE FACTS OF THE CASE and explore all the angles of defense using PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, subpoenas and other investigative techniques,
  • We have a robust understanding of the law and use this complex set of rules to DRAFT AND FILE MOTIONS which will shape the case helping the goal of a favorable outcome,
  •  When needed, we use our relationships we have built over many years to COMMUNICATE on your BEHALF, presenting you in a favorable light to the PROSECUTION, this often is the very move that gets a case reduced or dismissed,
  • We are SKILLED TRIAL ATTORNEYS. If needed, we are not afraid to put 12 jurors in the box and try your case. Our results speak for themselves.


If you have been arrested in West LA, chances are your case will be handled at the Airport Courthouse. For location, directions, hours and all other specific information on the Airport Courthouse, CLICK HERE.

  • All Felony Matters in the Airport Courthouse are handled by the Los Angeles County District Attorney and are arraigned in several courtrooms in the building.
  • The Los Angeles County District Attorney also handles all Misdemeanor arrests coming out of  Culver City, Marina Del Rey, El Segundo and the other unincorporated areas of Los Angeles. These cases are arraigned in Department 140 on the 3rd Floor.
  • The Los Angeles City Attorney handles all Misdemeanor arrests coming out of the City of Los Angeles, (typically LAPD arrests) these cases are arraigned in Department 141 on the 3rd Floor.  CASES COMING OUT OF WEST LA ARE USUALLY HERE.
  • The Santa Monica City Attorney handles all misdemeanor arrests coming out of the City of Santa Monica, (typically Santa Monica Police Department arrests). These cases are arraigned in Department 147 on the 9th Floor.

For a detailed analysis of your particular case call us NOW at (818) 839-6867. We are available any time of the day or night, 7 days a week.


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