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If you have been arrested in the city of Glendale, CA, the lawyers at The Criminal Defense CA Firm can help. We handle all criminal matters from pre-file investigations/negotiations, to DUI cases, drug cases, sex crimes, complex fraud or white collar crimes, theft offenses, violent crimes including homicide cases, appeals and writs and any other criminal matter both in state and in federal court. A Glendale criminal defense lawyer is a crucial component to a successful defense in the Glendale courthouse. We are available NOW to discuss your matter at length. We will give you a full case evaluation free of charge. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (818) 839-6867.


Glendale Court is a small branch of the Pasadena Courthouse which is in turn a branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court. Glendale handles infractions and misdemeanor cases only. All felony matters coming out of Glendale are handled by the Los Angeles County District Attorney out of Pasadena. We have successfully defended hundreds of cases earning our clients pre-trial dismissals and not guilty verdicts at trial. We know the Glendale court well. We will do everything possible to ensure you have a positive result on your matter.

WHY HIRE THE Criminal Defense CA Firm?

Defending a criminal case is often a complex endeavor. To be successful, it is imperative that your lawyer do many things;

1. They must have a solid grasp on the facts of the case and know what facts need to be fully investigated and what facts need to be de-emphasized through litigation,

2. They must know what motions need to be filed and how to shape the case through motion work, this requires a solid understanding of the applicable law,

3. They must be able to communicate your case clearly and succinctly,

4. They must have a solid reputation and command respect when they enter a courtroom.

There are not many lawyers out there that do all of this. We hold ourselves to very high standards of quality and ethics and strive to give our clients a solid representation. We understand that this may be the most stressful time of your life. We know all that is at stake for you. We willingly accept this responsibility and promise you that we will give you the best defense that money can buy. Period.

We are available right now to give you a free consultation and case evaluation. Call us at (818) 839-6867


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