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If you have been arrested in the city of North Hollywood, the lawyers at the Criminal Defense CA Firm can help you. We have many years of collective experience resulting in over 75 jury trials and thousands of successful defenses. Often we are able to shape the outcome of a case from the outset by meeting with the prosecutor and effecting a filing decision. We have had hundreds of cases dismissed by motions or by negotiation. Hiring a competent North Hollywood criminal defense attorney is the single most important factor in deciding the possible outcome of your case. We are available any time of day or night 365 days per year. We will evaluate your legal problem for free and let you know what your next critical steps should be. CALL US AT (818) 839-6867 FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION


If you have been accused of a crime in North Hollywood, California, chances are you will be required to appear at the Van Nuys Courthouse. The Van Nuys Courthouse serves the city of North Hollywood and a large majority of the San Fernando Valley, for all criminals both on the Misdemeanor and Felony levels. The Los Angeles County District Attorney handles all felony matters while the Los Angeles City Attorney handles the misdemeanor cases in this area. North Hollywood is patrolled by the Los Angeles Police Department which has a branch precinct in the city of North Hollywood.

WHY CHOOSE THE Criminal Defense CA Firm?

Defending a criminal case is often a very complex endeavor.Outcomes are affected by many factors, these include, the type of charges, the specific facts of the case, the police officers and their investigative abilities, the potential jurors, the prosecuting agency and the culture associated with that agency, the specific prosecutor who has the case, the judge, the clerk and their relationship to the judge, the way that cases navigate a particular courthouse, the judge that is assigned to hear motions filed, the judge assigned as trial judge and the list goes on and on.

This is meant to illustrate that your lawyer must have a grasp on ALL of these factors and more to properly represent you. We know these local courts and these judges and prosecutors. We practice in this area EVERY DAY and have been doing so for many years. We are better able to predict the outcome of many facets of our defenses. This knowledge, along with many other factors, gives our clients a clear advantage in negotiating their cases and/or taking their cases to trial. We are very familiar with these courts and routinely handle cases from simple misdemeanor cases like DUI’s, theft cases and simple drug possession cases all the way up to complex drug trafficking cases, white collar crimes and homicides. We will investigate every aspect of your case to ensure it is handled properly.



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