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If you have been arrested in the city of Reseda, the lawyers at The Criminal Defense CA Firm are here to help you out. We handle all criminal matters ranging from pre-file investigations to DUI cases, to Drug Offenses, Theft cases, Sex Crimes, White Collar Crimes, any violent crime including all Homicide cases. We are available any time, day or night, 7 days a week to discuss your case in detail with you. Call us NOW at (818) 839-6867 for a FREE case evaluation.


We promise to handle your case as if it were our only case. We will take the time to pay close attention to your case. We will properly and fully investigate all of the facts, we will file all of the appropriate motions that will be well researched and ready to help us get your case dismissed or limited. We will give you every advantage we can through our negotiation skills and our professional relationships with all parties. We will make sure your case is handled properly and that you have the best chance of success.


We have local knowledge of the criminal process in the San Fernando Valley. A good Reseda criminal defense lawyer will know the local terrain. All cases filed out of Reseda are prosecuted at the Los Angeles Superior Court- Van Nuys branch. This is a “branch court” which means it is smaller than the central criminal court in downtown Los Angeles. Branch courts tend to have a “small town” type of feel to them. Everyone knows eachother and you are either “in” or you are treated like a visitor. We know this court extremely well and practice in it almost daily. We have a solid grasp on what it takes to win and the particular factors that will effect a case in that particular court. We are available NOW for a free case evaluation. Call us at (818) 839-6867.


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