Tarzana Criminal Defense


If you have been arrested in the city of Tarzana, CA, the attorneys at The Criminal Defense CA Firm are here to assist you. We have been practicing law for over 20 years collectively with thousands of successful outcomes. Our sucess rate is extremely high for one simple reason, we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard. We live, eat, sleep and breathe our cases. We care about our clients. We will do whatever it takes to get you the best possible outcome on your case. From pretrial litigation, motions to dismiss your case, motions to obtian discovery, motions to supress evidence, we will do everything possible to shape the case in the most favorable light. We use expert witnesses when needed, investigators, mitigation specialists, anything we need to show the prosecutor that we mean business. We emply the latest technologies both in our preparation of your case and in our presentation of the evidence. We give ourselves and our clients every edge we can dig up. The bottom line is, there is NO ONE ELSE out there that will work as hard as we will work on your behalf. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to discuss your case with you. Call us at (818) 839-6867 to discuss your matter at length. We will take the time to explain every aspect of your case to you and what our reccomendation are as you move forward.


If your case took place in the United States, either in State or Federal Court, we can handle it. We handle all criminal matters from simple Drug Cases, DUI’s, Federal Offenses, White Collar Crimes, Sex Crimes all the way up to the most complex Homicide cases including those cases in which the government is seeking the death penalty. Many times, clients will come to us having just been accused of a crime before any filing has taken place. In these instances, we are often able to stop a case from getting filed or shaping a filing decision by the prosecuting agency to something much less than planned. It is imperitive that we are on as soon as possible to be the most effective we can be. We also handle all post conviction matters including expungements, writs and appeals in both state and federal court.


If your case is a state matter, and you were arrested in Tarzana, your case is likely going to be filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Van Nuys Branch, or Van Nuys Court for short. This court is a “branch court” in Los Angeles which means it is smaller than the central criminal court in downtown Los Angeles. Van Nuys is known for having slightly higher “offers” than in downtown Los Angeles. If the case is a misdemeanor, it will be filed by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, if it is a felony matter, it will be filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. The LAPD patrols the city of Tarzana out of the West Valley community police station. If you were arrested on the 101 freeway which runs through Tarzana, you were either arrested by the California Highway Patrol or the LAPD. Each of these agencies has their own sets of protocols which lead to different strenghts and weaknesses.


There are many things which will effect the likely outcome of your case. The most important of these factors is what lawyer is handling your case. Each courthouse has its own way of doing things, different judges who are human beings with their own sets of likes and dislikes, different prosecutors with slightly different cultures in terms of how they look at different types of offenses, different levels of autonomy among prosecutors, different ways that cases are filed, and assigned to courtrooms, and most importantly, different potential jury pools. Jurors in Van Nuys tend to be more conservative than some of the potential pools in the inner city of Los Angeles. If a lawyer is going to be effective, they must know these particulars and how to navigate the choppy waters that is a courthouse. Our Tarzana criminal defense lawyers understand how the Van Nuys courthouse works. We know the judges, prosecutors, clerks and other people who operate this courthouse. We have an understanding as to how to get things done and how to get our clients the best possible outcome. We can be reached any time at (818) 839-6867 to discuss your case free of charge.


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