Drug Offenses

California is extremely tough on drug offenders and leads the nation in jail time for offenders. If you are convicted of a drug offense in California, you are likely facing some severe consequences.

What are considered drug offenses?

In California, federal and state laws make it illegal to possess, sell, distribute or manufacture illegal controlled substances such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy and heroin.

The severity of drug-related offenses and the punishments faced for violations vary greatly depending on the amount of substance in question, the location of the illegal substance and the intended use of the substance. For example, if drugs are confiscated within a school zone, the carrier of the drugs may face stiffer punishments than if it was located at a private residence.

There are several types of drug-related offenses, including:

Simple Drug Possession
Drug Sales
Possession For Sales
Transportation of a Controlled Substance
Trafficking and Distribution
Marijuana Growhouses
Medical Marijuana

What Penalties Might I Face?

A lot will depend exactly on how much of an illegal substance or illegal substances are involved and what type of crime you have been charged with. The penalty for a small amount of marijuana may be very slight compared to the penalty for being convicted with possession a large amount of marijuana or other illegal substance.

If you are convicted of possessing an illegal substance and intending to sell it, your punishment will likely be a lot more severe. Furthermore, if you cross state lines with intent to sell, charges may be escalated to federal crimes and the punishments are oftentimes even more severe.

What Should I Do If I Am Charged With A Drug Offense?

Your FIRST STEP should be to call the Los Angeles drug defense lawyers at the Criminal Defense CA Firm today. The sooner you have a personal advocate looking out for your well-being, the better.

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