Federal Offenses

Any time a crime violates a federal law or is also committed on federal property, it is considered a federal crime. Some crimes may be charged as federal crimes if they involve interstate transactions or occur in more than two states.

If you have been charged with a federal crime, you are facing VERY SERIOUS charges that may have LIFE-ALTERING EFFECTS for you and those you love. The best time to call us is as soon as you know or suspect you are being investigated. If convicted of a federal crime, you may be facing fines, prison time, probation or community service. If you receive a prison sentence, you may have to serve out your time in a prison far from your home, making it even more challenging.

Federal Crime = Serious Offense

Federal crimes are oftentimes more serious than state crimes and differ in a few key ways. For one, the top lawyers in the U.S. Attorney’s Office lead the prosecution of federal crimes. Federal cases often require extensive investigations that are spearheaded by federal agents.

There are more than 100 types of federal crimes, including:

What Makes Up A Federal Crime?

Several factors determine whether a crime may be prosecuted as a state crime or a federal one.

First of all, certain crimes like mail and wire fraud and tax evasion are always considered federal crimes.

Others may be considered federal crimes because the accused allegedly crossed state lines while committing the crime. Crimes like drug trafficking, murder, rape and kidnapping may fall into this category.

Third, crimes committed in specific locations that are the control of the federal government can be considered federal crimes. Crimes occurring on a military base, for example, will be prosecuted by the federal court system.

What Should I Do?

While there are many competent Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys to represent you, you need the best. DO NOT WAIT to call until it is too late. DO NOT TALK WITH AUTHORITIES OR SIGN ANYTHING until you have consulted with The Criminal Defense CA Firm. Remember: You have a right to remain silent. Our attorneys are experienced at handling federal criminal cases. Oftentimes, what may not seem like an incriminating statement may, in fact, turn out to be. You may admit to more than you realize if you talk without proper representation. Retain the experienced, qualified federal criminal defense attorneys at the Criminal Defense CA Firm to help preserve your rights.

Federal criminal defense attorneys much have a complete understanding of federal laws and regulations, along with federal court procedures. They must also be licensed to practice in federal court.

Our firm specializes in federal criminal cases across southern California, including those in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County and San Fernando Valley. Call today for your free case evaluation.

At the Criminal Defense CA Firm, we take an aggressive, proactive approach to your case. We understand how much is on the line for you and will work tirelessly to obtain the best results in your case. Our team thoroughly investigates your case so we can put our best foot forward for you. We are available around the clock, so don’t hesitate to call us today for a free, initial consultation.

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