Juvenile Offenses

In California, if a juvenile faces criminal charges, they will often be tried in the juvenile courts system. It is understood that juveniles often need a different system than the adult justice system offers. The juvenile system will often favor treatment and rehabilitation over harsh punishments for crimes committed.

Immediate representation can affect the course of a juvenile criminal charge and /or the subsequent punishment.

Do Juveniles Face Additional Crimes Because Of Age?

Some crimes, such as truancy are only punishable on the juvenile level because it is only a crime for those 18 and younger.

How Are Juvenile Crimes Punished?

Juvenile court handles all types of juvenile cases. They often fall under two categories: juvenile delinquency cases and juvenile dependency cases.

The juvenile delinquency cases included all cases where a crime has been alleged. Since the juvenile courts are designed to work toward rehabilitation, there are often many rehab options that can be explored. We can work to keep your child out of a juvenile detention center and work to get them into a treatment program or other program designed to help rehabilitate them.

In some of the most severe cases, a juvenile may be charged as an adult and face adult penalties, but usually they face charges in the juvenile court system.

Juvenile dependency cases involve accusations of child abuse or neglect against the parents or guardian and are also handled in juvenile court as well.

Nearly all crimes adults may be prosecuted for, juveniles may face as well. Fines and penalties are decided base on the severity of the crime committed and factors such as the background of the individual are oftentimes considered.

Different Types Of Crimes

Juveniles, not unlike adults, can face different degrees of crimes.

A felony is reserved for the most serious crimes and usually include crimes such as violent crimes, sex offenses, drug offenses and sometimes property offenses.

A misdemeanor is less serious, but still needs to be properly addressed. Depending on the case, an offender may face probation, detention, a fine or a combination of all three. Crimes such as being drunk in public, assault and battery or minor thefts are all considered misdemeanors.

Driving offenses are often considered infractions and usually the offender faces a fine for his or her actions.

Life Circumstances

We understand that many types of upbringings and life circumstances can influence an offender’s choices and those can increase the chances of a juvenile crime occurring.

Factors such as family problems, gang involvement and drug or alcohol abuse all factor into your case.

If you or your loved one is facing juvenile criminal charges, it is IMPERATIVE to retain an aggressive and dedicated Los Angeles juvenile criminal defense attorney today. The sooner you call, the faster we can begin working on your case. We are available around the clock and are fully devoted to fighting on our client’s behalf.

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