Appeals and Writs

Both writs and appeals offer an avenue to challenge issues that were incorrectly decided before or at a trial or proceeding. They are time-consuming and require not only a comprehensive review of the legal and factual issues raised throughout a case, but a thorough understanding and experience with the legal system.

What is an Appeal?

The appeal process usually begins after a case has been decided. The appeal is made to a higher court in an attempt to get the lower court’s ruling overturned. The process can be arduous, but can  result in a reversal of what has already been decided.

An appeal in a criminal conviction can focus on the conviction itself or can focus on just the sentencing portion of a conviction. An appeal does not automatically constitute a new trial.

What is a Writ?

Writs can be more challenging to have granted because nearly all of writ requests are denied. According to California law, they are only granted in “extraordinary” cases. A writ is an order from a higher court to take a certain action. A writ gives the case an appellate review of any decisions made in court and before a final verdict has been made.

We understand that just because a case has been considered decided within a court of law, the matter may still need to be reopened for discussion.

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