Pre-file Investigation – Before You Are Charged

There are certain types of criminal offenses where the police are investigating long before they make an arrest. The most common types of cases where we see lots of up front investigation are drug crimes, sex crimes , white-collar offenses, federal offenses and homicides.

Federal law enforcement agencies (FBI, DEA, etc…) tend to be heavier on investigation up front but some local law enforcement agencies spend time collecting evidence/ doing surveillance before filing as well. This occurs especially on sex crimes, drug offenses and homicides.

If you have been contacted by any law enforcement officer, have been threatened by someone that they will contact law enforcement, or even just suspect you are being investigated or are under surveillance, you MUST do the following.

1. STOP TALKING - When I say this I MEAN IT. Stop talking to ANYONE about ANYTHING related to the issue at hand. That means, Mom, Dad, Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Children, ANYONE. Don’t speak to the police under any circumstances. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. The number one way people get convicted is from words that came out of their own mouths.

2. STOP CONDUCT THAT MAY BE AT ISSUE - This one seems obvious, but a lot of people don’t  get  this until it is much too late!           

3. CALL A GOOD LAWYER - If you are being investigated by law enforcement, or even if someone is threatening you with calling the cops, it is imperative that a competent lawyer get involved from the beginning. We have been doing this a long time. We have stopped countless cases from getting filed over the years. It is MUCH easier and less expensive to stop a case from getting off the ground then from getting it dismissed once it is filed. We will explore all available options and select a course of action that will minimize the possibility of a criminal filing.

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