Two Felony “Strike” counts reduced to misdemeanor

Client was charged with one count of PC §422 (criminal threats) and one count of PC §245(a)(2) (assault with a deadly weapon). After a lot of pretrial litigation and negotiation, we were able to convince the prosecution that their main witness was not credible. We worked out a GREAT plea to a misdemeanor PC §242 (simple assault) for TIME SERVED with NO PROBATION.


Assault With a Deadly Weapon case dismissed

Client was charged with one count of felony PC §245. Client was accused of cutting her boyfriend with a knife. We appointed a forensic pathologist to examine the wounds and were able to develop a theory that the cuts were self inflicted. We set the case for trial, presented our experts findings to the prosecution. ALL CHARGES DISMISSED.


Grand Theft case dismissed

Client was charged with one count of misdemeanor grand theft, PC §487. After long negotiations and the filing of a motion to dismiss, prosecutor agreed to DISMISS ALL CHARGES.


Attempted Murder case ACQUITTED at JURY TRIAL

A fight over money led to a stabbing with a serrated steak knife. Client was facing 30 years to life in prison on an attempted murder charge. After a 2 week trial, jury ACQUITTED ON ALL CHARGES.